In the fast-paced world of email communication, staying on top of email policy changes is crucial for small business owners. This blog post aims to demystify new requirements for email delivery and how changes in email alignment are required for your messages to reach Gmail and Yahoo inboxes. Let’s dive into the details and explore how you can ensure the delivery of your important emails to your customers.

Google, Yahoo and many others (some of the world’s largest technology companies) have recently announced a significant change to the way in which emails will be handled moving forwards, in one of the biggest attempts by a large conglomerate of global businesses, to greatly improve cybersecurity across the world. Email is the number one tool used by cybercriminals with over 90% of attacks starting via an email.

Below is a brief timeline of how these new email policy changes will take place.

New Requirements for Email Delivery Take Place In 2024

New Requirements for Email Delivery

Understanding the Email Policy Changes

Why it Matters:

Gmail and Yahoo, as major email service providers, have implemented stringent policies to enhance email security. Adhering to these policies ensures that your legitimate emails are delivered to your customers’ inboxes rather than being flagged as spam.

new requirements for email delivery at gmail and yahoo for dmarc and spf

Gmail’s Policy Changes

Google’s Commitment to Security:
Gmail has been at the forefront of email security, implementing changes to protect users from phishing attacks and spam. As a small business owner, understanding and aligning with these changes is crucial.

1. Authentication Protocols (SPF and DKIM)

  • What It Means: Ensure that your emails are authenticated using SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail).
  • Why It’s Important: Authentication verifies the emails sent from your domain are legitimate, building trust with Gmail.

2. DMARC Implementation

  • What It Means: Implement DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) to further authenticate your emails.
  • Why It’s Important: DMARC helps prevent email spoofing, assuring Gmail your emails are genuinely from your domain.

3. Consistent “From” Address

  • What It Means: Maintain a consistent “From” address for your emails.
  • Why It’s Important: Gmail’s filters look for consistency, and using the same “From” address builds credibility for your domain.

Yahoo’s Email Security Measures

While not as dominant as Gmail, Yahoo is still a widely used email service. Understanding their policies and requirements for email delivery is vital.

1. SPF Alignment

  • What It Means: Ensure that your SPF records accurately list the servers authorized to send emails on behalf of your domain.
  • Why It’s Important: Correct SPF alignment enhances the chances of your emails being delivered to Yahoo inboxes.

2. DMARC Adoption

  • What It Means: Adopt DMARC to protect against email spoofing and phishing attacks.
  • Why It’s Important: DMARC provides instructions to Yahoo’s servers on how to handle unauthenticated emails from your domain.

Practical Steps for Small Business Owners

requirements for email delivery

Now that we’ve covered the policy changes, let’s discuss actionable steps for small business owners.

1. Email Infrastructure Audit

  • What to Do: Conduct a comprehensive audit of your email infrastructure.
  • Why It’s Important: Ensuring correct SPF, DKIM, and DMARC configurations is the foundation for successful email delivery.

2. Stay Informed

  • What to Do: Stay updated on Gmail and Yahoo’s official blogs for any policy changes.
  • Why It’s Important: Being informed allows you to adapt your email strategy proactively.

3. Educate Your Team

  • What to Do: Train your team on maintaining a consistent “From” address and following email authentication best practices.
  • Why It’s Important: An educated team contributes to the overall success of your email delivery strategy.

4. Hire SurePoint IT

  • What to Do: Not sure where to start in the alignment process? SurePoint IT can help assist you.
  • Why It’s Important: Hiring an IT company that knows how to navigate these changes in crucial to success.


As a small business owner, understanding and adapting to email policy changes are integral to maintaining effective communication with your customers. By aligning with Gmail and Yahoo’s email policies, you ensure that your messages reach your audience securely and reliably.

Don’t want the hassle of managing this yourself? Hire SurePoint IT to take care of email alignment for you.

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