Don’t take our word for how wonderful we are!
Our clients say it best…

“I like that you know our systems intimately and provide ideas for solutions before I even need to think about it.  I like that when I have an issue it gets handled correctly and quickly.  The broad range of knowledge on IT and other issues like phones, etc.  When I let you know something is urgent, it is treated as such.  I am consulted when I need to be in on things and not consulted when I don’t need to be consulted – hard to define – but the balance is great!”


General Manager

“It is so great. Thank you so much. Matt, by the way, is terrific and a real asset to SurePoint IT Solutions. Thanks to both of you for your persistence in resolving my little dilemma”

Jill K

Business Development Manager

“Prompt Service. Problems are fixed on the first visit. Offer to do maintenance. Explains service provided.  Offers ideas to make things easier, safer, faster.  Installs software upgrades that I am not aware of.”


Insurance Agency Owner

“We really like the individual attention we get from SurePoint employees who know our particular system setup”